With Every Marlette HomeWith Every Marlette Home

Floor systems

Engineered for the highest strength-to-weight ratio, our flooring systems minimize scrap and maximize performance.

Floor decking

Our floor decking uses quality lumber without substitutes.

Floor insulation

Insulating materials and placement procedures may vary according to local or state building codes.

We use fiberglass insulation batting to insulate your underfloors, which increases the overall comfort of your home. Floor insulation provides valuable sound control as well as maximum thermal control.

Exterior wall studs

We engineer our 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 exterior studs to exceed the required strength parameters to ensure the structural integrity of your home. This also allows us to install the proper insulation at the proper compression.

Exterior wall insulation

We use fiberglass insulation that’s precisely sized, calculated and pre-cut to fit the exterior walls of your home. This provides a tight fit between the wall studs, which maximizes insulation – and your comfort.

Exterior wall sheathing

Optional feature in some models. *

We specifically engineer each home to provide maximum strength. Oriented strand board sheathing ties together wall studs, contributing shear strength and rigidity, while forming a solid nailing base for siding material.

Roof trusses

Of course our roof trusses not only provide structural integrity to the roof, but they also displace the energy that affects your home during bad weather. We engineer and construct our trusses with straight, slender members, combining the ends with high-tech gang fasteners at joints.

Roof insulation

We provide the most insulation at the best value available. The amount of cellulose or fiberglass that we blow in depends upon where you live, to make sure that you have the most comfortable home possible.

Roof sheathing

We use oriented strand board sheets to sheath your roof, which provide integral strength and a solid base for the final roofing material.


We protect your home from the elements with durable, extended-lifetime asphalt shingles. Our name-brand products carry warranties of at least 20 years.


We install quality name-brand carpet in your home to provide you with comfort, beauty, durability and stylish color.

Ducts and ventilation

Our homes require whole-house mechanical ventilation systems, which are designed to address factors like moisture control and heat recovery. We also ensure that the size of your home’s ventilation system is optimized for energy efficiency. It may be surprising, but this accounts for up to half of your entire home’s energy load. It’s also a key factor in your air quality.


You can choose from a variety of siding materials to personalize your home. We make sure all of our materials are durable and low maintenance.


We professionally install windows that will conserve energy, protect you and your family and look great.

Front doors

Entry doors will keep you and your family safe. Your front door will always match the architectural style of your home.

Quality from top to bottom and side to side.

Every Marlette home is built to exacting standards, with extra features that form a solid base for years to come. When you walk through a Marlette home, you know immediately that it's built to last.

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